Candy Board Making

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Candy Board Making

CIBA members made candy boards at the October meeting.  The following is the procedure to make your own if you can not attend the meeting.  The diagram at he bottom of this article shows how to make your candy board.

After you have your candy board made you can follow the below procedure to fill it with ‘candy’.




Items needed

Candy board frame

Some type of paper to line the candy board with, tissue, news, etc.

10 to 15 lbs. Sugar

Tub or bucket to mix in

Rubber gloves if preferred or use bare hands

6 oz. of cold water per 5lbs. Sugar

1 tablespoon of cider vinegar or honey-b-healthy per 5lbs. Sugar



Start out by lining the candy board frame with the paper, just loosely fit it in the frame to keep the sugar from going through the wire. Next pour the sugar into the mixing container. Put on you rubber gloves if using. Add the vinegar or h-b-h to the cold water. Start adding the cold water in small amounts and mixing with the sugar. Continue adding small amounts of water and mixing. When the sugar is the consistency of wet sand it is ready to put into the candy board. Use a scrap piece of wood, 2 x 4 or something similar, to stand in the candy board at the hole in the end of the frame. This will keep the candy from blocking that area and leave an airflow area to the hole that will be the upper entrance. Now pack the sugar into the frame. Just firm it down with your hands. Once packed, you can remove the scrap wood and the sugar will hold its form until it dries. If you want to put a pollen patty in, you can put a layer of sugar in the candy board and position the patty on top and then pack the sugar around it to finish filling the frame. Now allow it to dry a few days and it will set up like a sugar cube. Before you put it on your hive be sure to remove the paper in the ventilation area you left with the scrap wood.


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