February 2017 Meeting Recap

Feb 22, 2017 by

Fifty-plus members met in front of the Nature Center to discus honey bees and beekeeping. Included were about 10 first-timers interested in getting started. Welcome Aboard!

After initial announcements we separated into two groups for further discussion.

  • New Beekeepers met to learn more about locating hives, what equipment to purchase, where to obtain their first bees.
  • Current beekeepers met to discuss issues and concerns associated with our unusually warm weather.
    • Colony survival rates have varied, as usual. Overall those who have paid the most attention to varroa mite control winter preparation seem to have had the most success.
    • Members are seeing pollen being brought into the hives.
    • Some are feeding and adding pollen patties

Other Information

  • First Lessons in Beekeeping, by Keith Delaplane. Sam Dodd encouraged new beekeepers to obtain this extremely informative and well illustrated publication.  Sam has copies available. ([email protected])
  • Packages and Nucs Availability
    • Burdell Bee Nucs: Troy Bradford collected payments and deposits for 5-frame nucs to be obtained from Fred Burdell’s operation in Ohio. CIBA members have had good success with these nucs in past years.
    • Indy Bee Supply: Tim Caldwell and Mat Fearnow described packages and nucs that will be available soon.
    • Other sources: See list on our CIBA and The Beekeepers of Indiana sites. (Remember: Information is subject to change, so do check directly with suppliers.)

Lots of great conversation!  Thanks to all for coming.

Next meeting,

  • Monday, March 20, 6:30 PM at the Nature Center
  • We hope to demo a package install before the meeting at our hives in Holliday Park. – This would be BEFORE the meeting. — We’ll keep you posted.

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