June 19th Meeting Highlights

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Honey Extraction Techniques

Decapping with a hot knife.


A BIG “Thank You” to Tracy Adamson and Don Able for their hands-on demonstration of honey extracting techniques.  Attendees were able to get involved with decapping, centrifuging and straining of honey

Related topics were also discussed:

  • When to take frames and how many
  • Removing frames – minus the bees 🙂
  • What to do with “wet” frames and cappings
  • Cleanup techniques

After the meeting Don and Tracy hosted inspections at the outdoor hives.

Several other topics were covered and announcements made:

  • CIBA will be hosting “Sunday Afternoon Chats with a Beekeeper” – Through Sunday, July 30th
    • Bee a volunteer “Chatty Beekeeper”
  • Several CIBA members have been giving presentations in public venues
    • Noblesville Library: Sam Dod, Paul Richard, David Hocutt and David’s Daughter
    • Bethel Preschool Academy: Bill Dorner
    • Pride Learning Academies: Jerry Zimmerman
    • School 84: Don Able and Connie Torres
    • Hoosier Experience at Ft. Harrison: Pat Solenberg and Jerry Zimmerman
  • HAS, Heartland Apicultural Society is coming up in Evansville, July 13 -15
  • CIBA at the State Fair: Our days are Saturday, August 5; Tuesday. August 15
    • Shift volunteers are needed for both days.
  • Indy Southside Beekeepers meeting will be postpone by one week to July 11th








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