Our July 17th Meeting

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Our July 17th Meeting

July and August are challenging times for both Honeybees and Beekeepers: Nectar flows are low, days are hot and humid,

Common Occurrences and Concerns:

  • There is hardly any brood! Why?
  • I can’t find my queen! Do I have a laying worker?
  • Bees are collecting on the outside of my hive.
  • I see hive beetles. – What about varroa mites?
  • What is robbing? – What if anything can be done?
  • Should I feed? If so, what and how much?
  • Fill in the blank _____________

Join us on Monday evening, July 17, 6:30 PM, Holliday Park Nature Center.

David Hocutt and other CIBA members will address these and other questions.

Other topics to be addressed

  • State Fair Volunteer Opportunities
  • Crystalized Honey: A problem? What to do.
  • Label requirement for selling honey




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