State Fair Honor Role 2017

Aug 20, 2017 by

State Fair Honor Role 2017

A very special round of appreciation to all CIBA members who helped at this year’s Indiana State Fair!

Our club was responsible for two full days at Beekeepers of Indiana booth located in the Purdue Horticulture Building. The weather was great throughout the fair, and attendees were plentiful. Several members sold their honey and other products

Tracy Adamson (Aug 5th ) and Paul Richard (Aug 15th) were PICs of the day. (Person In Charge.)

The following CIBA members and friends made it all possible:  Thank You!

Todd Butler,  Cam Richard, Phil Hutchinson, Pat Solenberg, Jim Solenberg, Becky Wigginton, Rachel Wigginton, Jeanett Wiles, Myrta McQueen, Terry Sanderson, Rodney Ewing, Lori Thomas, Adam Thomas, Ashley Thomas, Drew Allen, Tom Dodson, , Meredith McCutchen, Rene Mitchler, Connie Torres, Sharon Sexter, Ross Harding, Ami Rice, Connie HudsonRandy Poisel, Heather Kopeschka, Eddie Ryan, Ike Richey. (Apologies if there are omissions or misspellings – let me know.)


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