November 20th Meeting

Nov 16, 2017 by

Last Meeting of of 2017!  Honey Tasting Time!

The year’s near its end; Foraging’s done; Bees in their hives; All’s right with their world!
With apologies to Richard Lovelace

The 2017 Beekeeping Year is nearly gone. It is time to sit back, consider 2o17 and look forward to 2018. – Yes – 2018!

Activities will include:

  • Honey Tasting – See Below
  • What to watch for in the coming weeks
  • Planning ahead for Spring 2018
  • Fielding member inquires.

Honey Tasting – We are asking members to bring a sample of your bee’s labor

  • Bring a sample of this year’s honey: More than one if you have different harvests to share
    • 8 oz. should be fine, but do mark your jars and lids.
  • A “Wine Tasting Approach” will be used.
    • Toothpicks will be available for dipping and sampling. (NO Double Dipping)
    • Water to refresh your pallet between samples.
    • Comment sheets available to record your impressions and add comments.
  • If you wish to sell to, or trade with others you may bring extra jars. (Labeled Please)



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