Mentoring Program

Just starting out or interested in keeping bees?  There are several good ways to get started including attending CIBA club meetings and events, talking to experienced beekeepers, reading books, magazines and online articles, and taking beginner beekeeping courses.

CIBA has a number of members who have volunteered to be mentors for other members.  The list below includes those members and the areas they can help you with.  Contact information is on the CIBA Mentor map.  Feel free to contact any of these members with questions and/or to ask them to be your mentor.  You can contact more than one mentor if you like.

CIBA would appreciate your help with club activities when possible including joining the core group.  However, this is not a requirement to ask for a mentor or to ask questions of any club members.

If you would like to be a mentor for the club please submit your information to be displayed on the member map here.


Jerry Zimmerman
Ross C. Harding
Scott Williamson
Tim Caldwell
Tracy Alan Adamson